Automated Analysis, Re-Engineering, and Translation of OpenVMS Languages

Now that Hewlett-Packard has entrusted the ongoing development and support of OpenVMS to VMS Software, Inc., breathing new life into this powerful and robust operating system, OpenVMS users (existing and new) need, more than ever, sophisticated software tools that understand OpenVMS and its language dialects.

XTRAN is XTRAN, LLC's software development meta-tool, which marries compiler and expert system technologies to provide rule-driven automation of the analysis, improvement, re-engineering, and translation of assemblers, 3GLs, 4GLs, XML, HTML, and proprietary, scripting, Web, data base, and special purpose languagesXTRAN also provides powerful rule-driven data and text processing capabilities.

XTRAN's pedigree goes back to 1984, when it was originally designed and created on VMS by Stephen F. Heffner, XTRAN, LLC's founder and President. XTRAN's first task was translating DEC PDP-11 assembler to C, followed shortly by VAX assembler.  Click for more information about XTRAN's genesis.

XTRAN can provide manipulation of many OpenVMS languages and dialects:

In addition, XTRAN's re-engineering capabilities can automate the process of changing platform dependencies in your code (for either OpenVMS or another platform) to accommodate Posix, OpenVMS, Windows, or any other target platform.

So XTRAN can be used to automate a migration — either to OpenVMS or from OpenVMS — including automation of:

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XTRAN was invented, designed, implemented, and documented by our President and founder, Stephen F. Heffner.  Click for his résumé, for his Curriculum Vitæ, and for his profile.